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The Delta strain dominates in the USA and Germany

The new strain is rapidly spreading around the world. In Germany, the share of the Delta distribution is 59%, in the United States — almost 52%.

The Delta coronavirus strain continues to spread rapidly around the world and has already become dominant in the United States and Germany. This is reported by NBC and the German publication Der Spiegel.

So, according to the report of the Robert Koch Institute of Virology, since the end of June, the share of the spread of Delta in Germany is 59%. In particular, the new strain has displaced its predecessor, Alpha, which was distributed in Europe at the beginning of this year. Now only a third of all registered cases belong to the alpha variant.

Meanwhile, the US medical regulator CDC also reported that as of the beginning of July, the Delta strain also became dominant in the country. Today, the spread of the strain is 51.7%.

Recently, US health officials warned about the rapid spread of the Delta strain, as its prevalence of infections doubles every two weeks.

In the United States, over the past 14 days, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased by 14%, to an average of 13 thousand per day, but the number of deaths has decreased by 19%, to 250 on average per day.

Earlier it was reported that the fourth wave of COVID was detected in Portugal due to the Delta strain. The head of the government stated the need to speed up vaccination due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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