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Scientists: lambda strain COVID-19 may be resistant to vaccines

Scientists in Chile suggest that a new variant of “lambda” COVID-19 that has taken over Peru may be more resistant to vaccines than other variants of the coronavirus. The text of the study is published on the MedRxiv website.

According to experts, this strain has been able to hold up despite Chile “undergoing a massive vaccination program.”

“Given that this variant has spread rapidly in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina, we believe that 'lambda' has significant potential to be a variant of concern,” the scientists wrote.

Jeff Barrett, director of the COVID-19 genomic initiative at the Sanger Institute in the United Kingdom, suggests that understanding the threat of “lambda” is difficult because it has a rather unusual set of mutations.

“Our results suggest that mutations present in the spike protein of the lambda variant of interest confer increased infectivity and immune escape from CoronaVac-induced neutralizing antibodies,” the scientists summarized.

Earlier, the WHO named the COVID-19 variant displacing other strains.

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