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Why did the Americans rise up?

You have to understand that the American Revolution was no less great than the French Revolution, and in its progressiveness and vision, even went much further

The Americans did not rebel against anyone, but against the most powerful superpower of the time, England. And not immediately, not quickly, not without hardship, they were able to get their way. Especially since the British made another attempt to seize America in the War of 1812-1814, already after the victory of the revolution. The American population at the time was no more than 1 million people. They were mostly primarily farmers, who then went to America to be able to cultivate their land, without the involvement of lords, kings, or the church. And so they all took up arms and won.

And not just won, but created the most stable, developed, and free system vertically and most importantly horizontally. Because, except for Switzerland, no one in the world has more rights for individual provinces and states than the states in the United States.

The power of the president is severely limited and many times the power of the system over any interim White House master who goes too far is shown. The books show power as 3 independent branches.

In reality, I have personally counted 8 or 9 such branches, and they each have enormous power and capabilities. That is why the system and the idea that was started by the Founding Fathers is so genius and comprehensive, that it takes a long time to understand how deeply echeloned this system is, how it is divided into a number of separate units, how many visible and hidden counterweights there are, and I think there will never be anyone who can change this giant. On the contrary, it is likely that it will come to the point where presidents will simply not be needed since the system functions perfectly autonomously without them.

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