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More than 700 people died from the heatwave in Canada

In British Columbia, the absolute temperature maximum in the history of Canada is recorded

In Canada, the abnormal heat continues to hold. In the province of British Columbia, the air temperature reaches 40-45 degrees Celsius during the day.

According to the local coroner's service, 719 people have already become victims of the sun. Most of the deceased are elderly people, the Guardian reports.

British Columbia Coroner Lisa Lapointe issued a statement saying that extreme weather conditions are a factor in the explosive increase in deaths. She stressed that the emergency services have received and are receiving a large number of reports of sudden and unexpected deaths.

The absolute temperature maximum in the entire history of Canada was recorded last Tuesday in the town of Lytton, where about a thousand people lived.

Last weekend, the forest surrounding the city caught fire due to the heat. The fire was coming so fast that people had only a few minutes to evacuate, which passed through the smoke and flames. In a few hours, the city burned almost to the ground.

There are no reports of the dead residents of the city, but some families have not yet been contacted.

Until yesterday, the hot weather lasted for most of the Eastern Coast of the United States. In New York, the thermometer columns rose to 40 degrees Celsius. The city authorities opened the so-called cooling stations — cool air-conditioned rooms where people could go and relax from the incredible heat.

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