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Without Trump, U.S. media traffic has plummeted

In the months since former President Donald Trump left office, U.S. media companies have lost readers dramatically. Those media outlets that specialize in political topics, especially ideological disputes between the parties, have been the hardest hit.

According to axios.com, the combined traffic of a group of far-right media outlets, including Newsmax and The Federalist, fell 44 percent from February to May compared to the previous six months.

The centrist New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Reuters lost 18% of their readers.

Without Trump, apps are also losing popularity. According to Apptopia, both right-wing (Fox News, Daily Caller) and left-wing (Buzzfeed News, The Atlantic) lost 31% and 26% of their traffic, respectively, in the last month. Social media apps, including MeWe, Rumble, CloutHub, and, of course, the main platform of Trump supporters, Parler, are dropping sharply.

Left- or right-leaning publishers have noted that engagement with content has dropped by more than 50%. So much less frequent were comments and sharing on social media. For neutral media outlets, these numbers are a little more modest, at 42 percent.

As a result, the overall picture is as follows: when a new party came to power, the opposition media have always lost their readership, but the right-wing media are now recording the sharpest decrease in their readership against the background of a Democratic president coming to power.

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