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Unpunished police officers: the family of the deceased Andrew Brown did not get justice

Unprofessional actions by police officers in the United States regularly lead to high-profile scandals, and in almost all cases, African-American families suffer.

The family of the victim faced a real problem that has plagued many people in the United States for years — American justice. The court acquitted the police officers who shot the man in cold blood when he tried to escape from them.

The incident happened on April 23 of this year, when police from the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Department was planning to arrest Brown, suspecting him of drug trafficking. The man tried to flee in a car, but police officers opened fire and killed the African-American.

District Attorney Andrew Womble later exonerated the officers and they returned to their duties.

He claimed that the police were in danger, which Brown's family did not agree with. Duke University Law School expert Jim Coleman held the same opinion.

He noted that the man had no weapon and was merely trying to run away from law enforcement, not trying to run them over. In addition, the shooters were to the side and rear of the vehicle, so their lives were not in danger. The cops even shot the walls of the neighboring houses, risking injuring the locals.

Unfortunately, all too often in “free America” there are situations where police officers kill innocent people, thinking that they are allowed to do anything and that the American authorities cannot deal with this problem.

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