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Jennifer Aniston revealed the secret of her slim figure

Jennifer Aniston told how she manages to stay in shape without strict diets and grueling workouts.

The slim and toned figure of 52 — year-old Jennifer Aniston is the limit of many women's dreams. It's hard to believe, but the actress does not adhere to a strict diet and does not spend three hours a day in the gym — interval fasting helps her stay in shape.

The essence of interval fasting is that you skip breakfast and eat only for the next eight hours. Usually, it is two or three meals — lunch, snack, and dinner, after which a 16-hour period of fasting begins. “I feel comfortable in this mode because I don't like to have breakfast,” says Aniston. — In the morning, I drink a cup of coffee and vitamins with collagen.”

The actress adheres to a healthy diet, but from time to time she can treat herself to something delicious: “I began to allow myself to eat pasta or a sandwich. Everyone is very afraid to eat flour, but I'm not afraid anymore. As long as you eat in moderation, everything will be fine. Every time I eat something with high carbohydrate content, my body seems to say to me: “Thank you! Why are you depriving me of what I love?”

As for sports, recently Aniston prefers Pilates classes. “Last fall, my back started to hurt. I trained a lot in the gym, and then one day I couldn't get up. I literally fell to the floor! I had an MRI scan, there were problems with the intervertebral disc. So I had to completely change my training, “ the actress says. — I gave up running. Pilates turned out to be real salvation: the complex of exercises included in it trains the muscles very gently.”

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