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Patients with ”black mold“ began to remove their eyes in India

Mucormycosis, which develops in patients in India due to the coronavirus, has forced doctors to remove their patients ' eyes. As The Washington Post reported, stopping the “black mold” can sometimes be done in such a radical way.

And often it is the eyes that are most affected, so it is not possible to save them.

If this applies to the sinuses, they need to be cleaned. If it concerns the eye-the eyeball, the eyelids, the muscles around the eye should be removed, — said Akshay Nair, a surgeon from Mumbai.

He explained that doctors are forced to leave only the eye socket. According to him, “black mold” also causes more deaths than the coronavirus itself.

The survival rate of patients with an eye infection is 70%. But if the infection enters the brain, the chances of survival will drop to 10-15%.

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