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Chinese manufacturers have raised wholesale prices of goods to a record

In September, Chinese producer prices rose by a record 10.7%. This is the biggest increase in the last 25 years. This is reported by CNBC, referring to the data of the National Statistical Office of the country.

The change in producer prices at which wholesale buyers buy goods is a kind of indicator of consumer price growth in the future. Given that a huge number of Chinese goods are sold outside the country, the rise in prices may provoke an increase in inflation around the world, the report says.

At the same time, the price growth has accelerated significantly compared to August. If in the last month of summer it was 9.5%, now it turned out to be higher than analysts predicted — 10.7% instead of 10.5%.

Earlier, the EU Chamber of Commerce called on China to better inform European companies about possible restrictions, as many organizations began to complain about too late messages during which the Chinese authorities ask to stop or postpone production.

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