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Britain received a fish ultimatum from the EU

Europe intends to get the UK to allow fishing vessels into the territorial waters of the United Kingdom. This is a kind of blackmail by the European Union. This is reported by The Guardian.

The statement "on the continuous access of European fishing vessels" to British territorial waters was signed by the majority of EU countries, including Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and others. The initiator of this document was France, the publication notes.

At the same time, if Britain ignores this document, it may cause negative consequences for the British fishing industry in the European market.

The UK has established that the main criterion for issuing a license to fishing vessels from Europe is the need to provide evidence that they have previously worked in coastal waters. This will also require geolocation data.

Earlier it was reported that the UK was on the verge of crisis due to the rise in wholesale gas prices. This can lead to plant shutdowns, reduced profitability of production, increased harmful emissions, as well as disruptions in supply chains.

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