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Trump's press secretary told how the ex-president lose 11 kg

Donald Trump's press secretary Jason Miller told the British TV channel GB News how the former US president managed to lose 11 kg. The TV channel published the interview on YouTube.

According to Miller, the 45th American president was helped to get rid of excess weight by "a little golf and a lot of performances". He added that Trump's weight loss of 11 kg is probably due to "the lack of round-the-clock access to the White House kitchen".

The press secretary noted that the former head of the White House tanned, feels great, and looks much happier.

Earlier, Trump said that after the Democrats came to power, the United States became an object of ridicule for the entire world community.

Prior to that, he said that the current state of affairs in the country leaves him no other option but to participate in the presidential elections in 2024.

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