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The Pentagon reported problems with projects to create hypersonic weapons

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Heidi Shyu said that the United States government is taking measures to reduce the cost of creating hypersonic weapons. This is reported by Reuters.

"We need to figure out how to make hypersonic weapons more affordable," says Shyu.

She added that the country's military-industrial complex needs to focus on fulfilling this task. According to Shu, the cost of these developments can be reduced as the volume of relevant purchases by the Pentagon increases.

In an interview with Defense One, Shyu noted that she "pays great attention to trying to figure out" how the United States "can develop affordable hypersonic weapons." According to her, the problems are that it is unclear whether the States have the necessary materials and enterprises that will be able to provide the creation of weapons.

Shyu suggested that the Pentagon could reduce the number of funded projects in this area in order to focus on the most promising ones.

Earlier it became known that the United States plans to equip B-1B Lancer strategic bombers with hypersonic missiles.

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