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Facebook informant summoned to testify against Zuckerberg

The Facebook informant, a former employee of the company Frances Haugen was summoned to the UK to testify against the activities of the tech giant and its head Mark Zuckerberg. This is reported by the BBC.

It is noted that Haugen will talk about Facebook on October 25, answering questions from members of the committee responsible for the bill on Internet security. It is planned that the new law will introduce obligations for social networks to protect users, especially children.

Damian Collins, who heads this committee of the British Parliament, noted that Haugen rightly advocates the creation of an independent regulatory body that could inspect the largest technology companies.

"It is necessary to ensure greater transparency of decisions that companies like Facebook make when they sacrifice user security," the official said.

He also accused Zuckerberg of wanting to "stop any understanding of how the company manages malicious content."

Frances Haugen

Haugen claims that using Facebook harms the mental health of children and incites hatred in society. The management of the social network categorically denies any such accusations. Mark Zuckerberg called them "illogical."

During the hearing in the US Senate, Haugen spoke out in favor of Facebook being regulated by states around the world. The Internet Security Law being considered in the UK is one of the initiatives that are close to the position of the informant.

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