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UK police refused to investigate charges against Prince Andrew

Referring to the fact that the lawsuit was filed on the territory of the United States, the London police refused to consider the rape charges brought against Prince Andrew by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Western media write about this.

"The staff of the parliament reviewed the lawsuit filed in the United States in August 2021 and decided that they would not take any further action," the law enforcement agencies said in a statement. This statement goes against the promise of the head of the London police, Cressida Dick, to closely examine the allegations made against Andrew.

"No one can stand above the law," Dick said in August of this year.

Recall that Virginia Robert-Jeffrey claims that at the age of 17 she had a sexual relationship with Prince Andrew several times. She was forced to do this by financier Jeffrey Epstein, a close friend of Andrew. Virginia had been in sexual slavery at Epstein for several years and unquestioningly did everything he asked of her.

Virginia's words were confirmed by Epstein's employee, who saw her with Andrew. However, Andrew categorically denies everything, claiming that he does not remember how he met the victim, and at the time of the incident he was allegedly in a pizzeria with his daughter.

Amid the scandal, Andrew had to resign his duties as Duke of York. He began to appear less often in public and recently moved to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. If you believe the rumors, Andrew is hiding there from Virginia's lawyers, who are supposed to serve him a subpoena. The transfer of documents is an important procedural part of the lawsuit, which the prince is trying to avoid in order to delay the start of the trial in the United States and, if possible, avoid it.

Recall that financier Jeffrey Epstein was accused of numerous sexual crimes and pedophilia. Dozens of girls from disadvantaged families said that Epstein paid them $200 for massage and sex services. Most of the girls were underage schoolgirls. In the summer of 2019, at a preliminary hearing, Epstein pleaded not guilty, but on August 10 committed suicide in a prison cell in Manhattan. There is a version that Epstein was killed because the financier had dirt on many of his friends, including Andrew.

In June 2020, the FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend. She is also suspected of sex trafficking. Shortly after Maxwell's arrest, Prince Andrew hired an impressive team of lawyers. We will follow the developments.

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