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Prince Harry is advised will speak out against Netflix because of the scandalous musical about Diana

A former British royal family security officer and personal bodyguard of Princess Diana, Ken Wharfe, called on Prince Harry to prevent the Broadway musical about his mother from being shown on Netflix. The Sun reports that.

"A musical about Princess Diana being shown on Netflix would put both [Harry and Meghan] in a very uncomfortable position. If the press is to be believed, the plot of the production does not tell a joyful love story with a happy ending, but instead includes scenes far from the truth, as well as scandalous and sexual episodes," Wharfe said.

He added that in memory of Harry's mother, the "disgusting musical" should be discontinued, even given its lucrative Netflix deal.

The prince himself and his wife Meghan Markle have not yet commented on their attitude toward the production. The theatrical recording of "Diana: The Musical" began screening on Netflix on Oct. 1, with a Broadway premiere later in the day.

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