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«She was received with love»: royal biographer accused Meghan Markle of lying

The 40-year-old wife of Prince Harry complained that the family rejected her and did not support her. The expert believes that this is a lie since the manifestations of Cares were visible even in public.

In her famous interview with Oprah Winfrey Meghan Markle after leaving the royal family and resigning, she said that the main reason for this decision was the estrangement of her husband's relatives. According to the American, if she had been supported, she would have stayed in Britain.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton claims that Meghan misleads people by claiming that her relationship with Prince Charles' son was perceived negatively by senior members of the royal family. As a confirmation of his words, he cites the public expressions of support that the Duchess received.

Morton recalled how Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, violated the usual royal protocol and held hands with Meghan at an event in honor of Prince Charles' 70th birthday. Moreover, she even kissed her goodbye in front of hundreds of people. Morton is sure that Camilla did it consciously.

"This rare royal gesture was a sign of how quickly the American actress was received with sincere love in the family of monarchs. On that day, the Duchess of Cornwall, who had previously advised Kate Middleton on the intricacies of protocol, without saying a word, signaled to the entire watching world that Meghan was now one of them," the expert told The Sun.

However, the star of the series "Force Majeure" simply did not consider it a manifestation of Cares. In an interview, Megan said that she had insurmountable difficulties with adaptation in the family and mental problems. She said that no one in the palace showed warmth towards her and did not help her get used to events and protocol, which did not protect her from the press. According to the assurance of Prince Harry's wife, she was not accepted into the family because of outdated views and envy.

Even the preparations for the wedding went with obstacles. Because of this, Prince Harry's fiancee was crying. Megan said that the conflict arose through the fault of Kate Middleton. According to Megan, she later forgave her and even gave bracelets to her and her friends.

Articles comparing Megan and Kate began to appear in the press immediately after Harry's wedding. It turned out that even the Queen's wedding gift for Kate Middleton turned out to be more expensive than for Meghan. And in the photo of the heirs that the queen published, there was no Prince Harry.

However, the fact that Kate Middleton tried in public to show in every possible way that she and Megan are on good terms, Morton considers a good sign.

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