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Russia has created a more powerful «cudgel» and bypassed the United States

Thanks to the successes in the development of hypersonic missiles, Russia has received a more powerful "cudgel" compared to the one that the United States has. This is stated in the article of the publication Al Arab.

So, the author of the publication claims that after the unconditional victory in the Cold War, the United States relaxed too much and did not notice how their main opponent — Russia — returned to the international arena.

According to experts, Russian developers did not waste time in vain but upgraded their combat systems. Russia has improved its nuclear warheads along with carriers and has also created hypersonic missiles. It also boasts means of countering hypersonic, which the American side does not have.

Currently, the United States is working on such weapons, but their characteristics are still weak compared to Russian ones, the author notes. Also, Washington is not coping with the development of anti-missile systems that would react to warheads flying at hypersonic speed. So far, the Russian "cudgel" is stronger than the American one and the situation is unlikely to change in the coming years, Al Arab stressed.

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