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China asked Russia to help with electricity

China has asked Russia to increase electricity supplies. Such a request is related to the frequent cases of power outages in the country, The Telegraph reports.

As the newspaper notes, state suppliers resort to shutdowns due to a sharp rise in coal prices. Residents of China complain of social networks about power outages that last from several hours to a day.

Power outages also affect the work of other industries, for example, housing and communal services. So, due to the shutdown of electric pumps, interruptions with water began to be observed.

"Even the canteen doesn't work, so we don't have any food or drink," users write on the Network.

Earlier, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, during a speech at the UN General Assembly, said that China would no longer build new coal-fired power plants in other countries. According to him, China will increase support for other developing countries in the development of green and low-carbon energy.

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