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Biden was criticized for looking at the clock during a farewell to the fallen military

Politicians and the military have criticized US President Joe Biden for looking at his watch during a memorial ceremony for 13 American servicemen killed in an explosion at the Kabul airport. Fox News drew attention to this.

“Are you bored, Mr. President?” asked Daniel Hyde, an Iraq War veteran, and former Republican Senate candidate, on Twitter.

Neil Gardner, a former aide to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, shamed Biden, saying that “nothing can be more important” than paying tribute to fallen heroes.

“It seems that it was uncomfortable for him [Biden] to show at least some respect for these American heroes,” Samuel Williams, an Army veteran who participated in Operation Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War, wrote on Twitter.

“Obviously, our commander-in-chief has more important things to do than properly honor the memory of the 13 servicemen who died during his tenure. I'm disgusted. They deserve better treatment, “ wrote former White House doctor Ronnie Jackson.

On Thursday, August 26, an explosion occurred near the Kabul airport. Dozens of Afghan civilians and at least 13 American soldiers were killed in the terrorist attack — eleven Marines, one army soldier, and a navy medical worker.

Earlier, Biden and Jill visited the US Air Force base in Dover, Delaware, where the remains of the fallen servicemen were delivered. During the farewell ceremony with the military, Biden looked at his watch.

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