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China has proposed a new version of the appearance of the coronavirus

Experts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China suggested that the coronavirus could have been brought to the city of Wuhan on frozen food packages. This is reported by the Global Times.

“After China contained an early outbreak in April 2020, there were sporadic outbreaks in Beijing and Dalian in the summer. Thus, we conducted epidemiological studies... and they confirmed that the virus was imported from other countries or regions through transportation in the cold chain, “ the publication quotes the representative of the center Ma Huila.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the United States should stop politicizing the issue of the origin of the coronavirus.

It was also reported that US intelligence published a report on the origin of COVID-19. The declassified version of the report of the American intelligence community was posted on the website of the office of the Director of National Intelligence. The document says that most United States agencies also believe that the coronavirus “probably was not created with the help of genetic engineering.”

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