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Experimental U.S. spy plane 'tested' Russian air defense systems

As part of the Baltops 2021 exercise, the US army “tested” a new Challenger 650 Artemis reconnaissance and target designation aircraft in Russia.

“An aerial spy can listen to radio communications, detect ground targets, and track their movements. He tried several times to conduct reconnaissance of air defense systems, as well as control and communication points in the Kaliningrad region”.

When approaching the borders of Russia, the newest spy plane was promptly detected, identified, and taken on escort by air defense systems, which tracked several of its flights in the Baltic region, along the borders of the Kaliningrad Region and Belarus, as well as over the Black Sea.

Challenger 650 Artemis received, in particular, devices for remote wiretapping of communication channels, a powerful radar and radio intelligence equipment that detects electromagnetic signals from radars and radio stations and determines the exact location of their source from a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

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