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Biden confused the name of the capital of Qatar and forgot the reporter's question

US President Joe Biden made several mistakes during a briefing on the seizure of power in Afghanistan by the Taliban. He confused the name of the capital of Qatar, forgot the question of a journalist from the audience, and said that Al-Qaeda had left the country. The Daily Mail tabloid pointed out the mistakes of the American leader.

So, one of the reporters asked the president what security guarantees people have when arriving at the Kabul airport. Biden replied that the US authorities are in constant contact with the Taliban representatives in Kabul and Doha, Qatar, calling it “Daho”.

In addition, the president said that Al-Qaeda has completely left Afghanistan, although this contradicts the official assessment of the Pentagon. “What is our interest in Afghanistan if Al-Qaeda is no longer there?” he asked the White House press service.

After Biden's press conference, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby denied the statement of the head of state and noted that it was at odds with the position of the military department. Kirby stressed that the presence of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan does not cause concern to the United States, since it does not pose a threat to Washington.

Another journalist, NBC News correspondent Richard Engel, asked the head of state why he trusts the Taliban. At that moment, Biden was about to leave, but stopped and, turning to Engel, admitted that he had forgotten the first part of the journalist's question.

The American president is often caught on reservations and forgetfulness. So, at the end of July, during a speech in Pennsylvania, he confused former head of state Barack Obama with American leader Donald Trump. Biden then apologized and noted that it was a “Freudian slip”.

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