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The United States announced the «Russian threat» in space

Russia and China pose a “potential threat” to the United States in space, according to a study prepared by the US Congress.

“Adversaries such as China and Russia have studied the concepts of warfare and focused on space systems,” the document says.

According to American experts, Russia, in particular, has mastered the creation of lasers, microwave and nuclear weapons that can detonate in space and cause an electromagnetic pulse. In this regard, the researchers recommended that the US authorities take measures to protect their satellites.

Earlier, the head of the Northern Command of the US Armed Forces, General Glenn Van Herk, said that Russia is currently the main military threat to the United States. He added that Russia has achieved achievements in the field of missile weapons and the construction of silent submarines.

Vanherk also stressed that China and Russia have “developed very advanced tools” in the fields of space and cybernetics.

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