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Scandals with the servants of Theron, Lopez, Madonna, and other stars

Working for Hollywood celebrities is not much like a fairy tale. The staff of Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Madonna, and other stars sometimes have to work in hellish conditions to please VIP employers.

Jennifer Lopez

The American actress and singer grew up in a poor family with many children in the poor New York borough of the Bronx. But on the way to fame, J. Lo managed to acquire truly royal manners. The Hollywood super diva forbids the staff in her house to look her in the eye.

Even worse, the star of the movie “Mistress Maid” refers to the staff in hotels. There are several cases when, at her request, maids were dismissed only for a timid request for an autograph. At the same time, Lopez is stingy - she does not like to pay people for overtime. Because of this, she even received the offensive nickname Pei Lo (Low pay).

Charlize Theron

The American actress is raising two adopted children from Africa: son Jackson (who considers himself a girl) and daughter Augusta. Charlize is always busy on the set, and the nanny should be her salvation and faithful assistant. However, strict Theron sets such a strict framework that not everyone can withstand this work.

The star of the movie “Explosive Blonde” forbids the staff to enter into a dialogue with her. A babysitter should write a detailed report on her leisure time with children and their behavior on a daily basis and leave it in front of the hostess's office. She reads it in her free time and responds in the same way.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kim's older sister on the screen looks the calmest of all the representatives of the famous Kardashian-Jenner TV family. But Courtney's subordinates assure her that she is a real vixen at home. Most of all, the star of the American reality show “The Kardashian Family” hates nannies.

Courtney can't do without their services because of her employment, but she is always looking for an excuse to find fault with them. One of the former governesses of the TV personality said that Kardashian forced her to call herself “madame” and threw tantrums on any occasion.


The complaints of many subordinate stars seem like flowers compared to what the staff of the cult singer and actress is going through. Madonna is known for her explosive character. If in public she still restrains her temperament, then at home she is not shy either in manners or in the way they are expressed.

The Hollywood queen's personal staff has always had a frenzied turnover. In 2009, five employees left her at the same time, including a driver, a nanny, and an assistant. The main requirement of the artist is that all her assistants must work 24/7. The servants are forced to sit on a strict diet and do without a TV.

But a special feature of Madonna is that she sends employees to clean the toilet for any offense.

“Madonna is obsessed with cleanliness. Before going to the toilet, she sends a man in surgical gloves and a mask there, arming him with a liquid for disinfection, “ said one of the former employees of the pop diva.

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