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The military used tear gas to disperse the crowd at the Kabul airport

The soldiers used tear gas and fired several times into the air to contain the crowd trying to break into the airport in Kabul. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal newspaper, citing an American government source.

According to the publication, there is no information yet about whether it was the American military, or representatives of some other NATO country, or the Afghan military remaining at the airport. The Pentagon did not comment on this incident. In addition, at the moment there is no information about the victims.

According to the publication, the incident occurred at the moment when the soldiers went outside the airport to push back the crowd and make way for arrivals.

World TV channels and social networks previously circled the footage showing Afghans at the Kabul airport running along the runway next to the plane taking off. Some grab the fuselage and then when the aircraft has already gained altitude, fall.

Later, the US Air Force reported that it was conducting an investigation into the deaths of people during the takeoff of an American plane at the Kabul airport. In addition to the evidence on the Internet and media publications, investigators are also studying human remains that were found in the landing gear niche of the plane after landing in Qatar. The Taliban, in turn, said that the movement cannot be blamed for the deaths at the airport of the capital of Afghanistan.

On August 15, the radical Taliban movement announced the establishment of control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. The Taliban also control the capital of the country — the city of Kabul.

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