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The Telegraph called the signs of the collapse of the American empire

Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the humanitarian disaster that occurred immediately after that testify to the collapse of the American empire. Journalist Allister Heath wrote about this in his article for the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

The author stressed in his article that what happened in Afghanistan showed that the White House does not understand the situation in the world and is not able to govern the country itself, not to mention other regions.

According to Heath, a number of signs point to the collapse of the U.S.

Among the foreign policy failures of the United States, the journalist named the results of the Western interventions in the countries of the East and Asia. The author called Washington's attempts to “rebuild” the Middle East sluggish and in the long run disastrous.

“In the Middle East, all the countries and territories that America has touched are now in a state of chaos,” Heath explained.

Washington is also accused in the article of misguided strategies that have led to “the destruction of the European Union because of the migration crisis,” and to the rise of China to the point where “it can no longer be contained.”

To the list of domestic signs of the fall of the U.S. empire, the author included the lack of agreement among political elites.

“The Constitution has failed, and America's predilection for second-tier gerontocrats like Biden does not bode well,” Heath concluded.

Earlier, columnist Mark Katz, in an article for National Interest, identified signs demonstrating the collapse of the unipolar world that the United States has led.

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