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Most U.S. citizens called the war in Afghanistan a mistake

Two-thirds of respondents said the military actions in Afghanistan were not worth it.

The majority of US citizens agreed that the military actions in Afghanistan were pointless. 65% called the war pointless, while 35% of respondents thought that the U.S. war in Afghanistan was worth fighting, writes Associated Press.

President Joe Biden's foreign policy in the current poll was approved by 47% of respondents, his national security policy by 52%.

About half of the respondents expressed serious concern about threats to the United States from extremist groups based outside American territory.

About two-thirds of respondents is concerned about threats from extremists inside the United States.

Much more concerned are Americans about domestic terrorism. Two-thirds of respondents agreed with its threat.

The poll was conducted from August 12 to 16. The survey covered 1,729 adult residents of the United States. The statistical error was 3.2%.

We should add that the U.S. named the number of evacuees from Kabul. U.S. transport planes have evacuated more than two thousand people in the past 24 hours, and a total of about six thousand people have been evacuated from the country since August 14.

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