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Putin is more popular than Biden among American Republicans — poll

In the United States, the results of opinion polls conducted among Republican Americans have been published. Studies have shown that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a higher popularity rating than US President Joe Biden. The data is provided by the publication Slate with reference to the polls of YouGov/Economist and Morning Consult/Politico, held this week.

According to a YouGov poll, 18% of Republicans have a positive view of Putin, while 64% of Republicans have a negative view.

However, among Republicans, Biden's case is even worse: 14% hold a positive opinion of the US president, and 82% — a negative one.

The Morning Consult survey shows similar results. Of the Republicans surveyed, 11% have a positive view of Putin, while 67% have a negative view.

13% are positive about Biden, while the majority (85%) are negative.

William Saletan, a journalist who analyzed the polls, made a grim conclusion: “Trump did more than the Kremlin could have asked for. He turned Americans against each other, attacked our institutions, attempted a coup d'etat, and relentlessly defended Russian aggression.”

According to him, Trump has created a political force that “will serve Putin well in his confrontation with Biden: the Republican Party, which has cooled to NATO and warmed to Russia.”

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