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CNN journalist criticized for reporting on “friendly” Taliban who wants the U.S. dead

CNN's report on the events in Kabul provoked a negative reaction on social networks. The reason for the discontent was the statement of the TV channel journalist that the Taliban fighters “seem friendly”, even despite the chanting of anti-American slogans, reports the Daily Mail.

CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward's report sparked a “sharp negative reaction” on social media. During a live feed from Kabul, the reporter said Taliban fighters “seemed friendly,” even though they shouted anti-American slogans, the Daily Mail reported.

“They (Taliban) chant, 'Death to America,' but at the same time, they seem friendly. It's very strange,” Ward admitted.

“Yes, CNN. They seem charming,” conservative commentator Darren Grimes sarcastically responded on Twitter to the network's story.

Another user pointed out two different photos of Ward. In one of the pictures, the journalist was dressed in accordance with the Taliban's strict views on women. “The Taliban are so “friendly” that the CNN reporter stopped dressing like a free woman and wrapped herself head-to-toe in black for 24 hours. “I assume it was because of 'friendliness,'” the reporter noted.

Ward criticized the comment for being “inaccurate.” “The top photo was taken inside a private compound. The bottom one was on the streets of Taliban-held Kabul. I used to always wear a headscarf in the streets of Kabul, though not with my hair completely covered and without an abaya. So there is a contrast, but not so stark,” she wrote.

Then Senator Ted Cruz joined the controversy. “Are there enemies of America that CNN won't support? (And in a mandatory burka at that),” the politician asked. But his remark provoked an angry backlash from the network, which rushed to stand up for its staffer.

“(Clarissa Ward) doesn't run to Cancun in hard times, she risks her life to tell the world what's going on. It's called bravery. Instead of reposting the misleading remarks of conspiracy theorists, perhaps you should have spent your time helping endangered Americans,” the CNN press office stressed.

“The Taliban, which took control of Afghanistan with the withdrawal of Western troops and a 'lightning offensive,' is governed by a strict interpretation of Islam known as Sharia law. According to it, women are obliged to wear a burqa hiding their faces.

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