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The United States, because of Russia, decided to improve the F-35 engines

The Pentagon conceived the creation of versions of more efficient and powerful engine F135 fifth-generation fighter aircraft F-35 Lightning II, reports Defense News.

The publication says that the planned modernization of this aircraft “with a set of new weapons, computing technologies, and software” is driven by improvements to Russian and Chinese fighters and air defense systems.

The new power units are expected to increase the aircraft's range by 11 percent and its developing thrust by 10 percent. Total savings from the introduction of the updated F135s are estimated at $40 billion. The estimated date of introduction of improvements in the next decade.

Defense News assumes that the U.S. can develop an entirely new engine instead of F135.

In July, the publication The Drive wrote that the F-35 Lightning II engines around the world began to degrade rapidly. The reason was the rapid deterioration of thermal protection coating (calcium-magnesium aluminosilicate degradation) of the F135 power plant rotor blades.

In April, Defense News, citing a statement from Matthew Bromberg, head of Military Engines at Pratt & Whitney of America, reported that excluding Turkey from the F-35 Lightning II program increases the cost of the F135 engine for that aircraft by three percent.

In July 2020, Ismail Demir, head of Turkey's defense industry secretariat, said the cost of the F-35 Lightning II program after excluding Turkish contractors would increase by $600 million and further inflate the price of each such aircraft by $7 million to $9 million.

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