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National Interest: World War III could start because of Russia and China

China and Russia can start World War III over territorial claims to Japan. This opinion was expressed in an article in The National Interest in James Holmes, head of the Department of Naval Strategy at the J.C. Wiley U.S. Naval Academy. James Holmes, head of the J.C. Wiley Department of Naval Strategy at the U.S. Naval Academy.

According to him, Moscow and Beijing can assert their rights to some Japanese lands.

“Moscow and Tokyo have unresolved claims to the Kuril Islands to the north. Beijing claims the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands far to the south, and occasionally wonders who are really the full sovereign over Okinawa and the Ryukyu chain. If China and Russia can disengage or destroy the security alliance between Japan and the United States, it is hardly implausible to suggest that they can take the islands away from a diplomatically and militarily isolated Japan,” Holmes said.

He also urged Japan and the United States to stick together, since a breach of diplomatic relations could, in his view, lead to Russian and Chinese aggression.

“Thus, isolating Japan from U.S. support and restraining it from developing its own nuclear technology would be a necessary precursor to any Russian-Chinese action against the island nation. Another reason for maintaining the U.S.-Japan alliance,” he stressed.

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