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China Denies WHO Further Investigation into Origin of Coronavirus

Chinese authorities have rejected a request by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reopen an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. This was reported by the television channel France 24.

On August 12, the WHO urged China to share the raw data on the earliest cases of COVID-19. The organization's experts specified that this could help clarify the real causes of the disease.

However, China rejected the request, stressing that the investigation conducted jointly with the WHO in January of this year is sufficient. Chinese authorities said they support scientific rather than politicized versions of how the coronavirus originated.

“We support a scientific approach. The findings and recommendations of the joint WHO-China report have been recognized by the scientific community,” said Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Ma Zhaoxu.

Earlier, Danish scientist Peter Embarek, head of the WHO expert team that was searching for the source of the coronavirus infection in China, said that the version of patient zero infection in the laboratory or in field research cannot be ruled out.

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