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Popular U.S. beaches flooded with oil

A large oil leak has occurred from an overturned cargo ship off the coast of Georgia in the United States. Several popular beaches of the country were flooded with fuel after the ship was cut into eight parts during a rescue operation, The Independent reports.

A South Korean tanker washed up on the coast of Georgia in September 2019. The Golden Ray ship, carrying oil and 4,200 cars, ran aground and capsized near the port of the city of Savannah. To disassemble the wreckage, rescuers cut them into eight parts and began to remove them one by one. But when the operational teams tried to move the sixth part in late July, crude oil leaked onto the tourist beaches of Georgia. The shores of St. Simons and Jekyll Islands were also affected.

About 70 specialists were engaged in eliminating the consequences of the oil spill. Four kilometers of sand and grass turned black near the wreckage. Fuel spilled south of the beach resort on the island of St. Simons, soiled the rocky shore near the lighthouse, a local landmark and part of the golf course.

Most of the crew managed to contain the oil spill in the waters around the capsized vessel, but some of it still overcame the protective barrier of rescue boats and reached the beach. Since then, crews have been working to remove the liquid-soaked sand from the beach. The public association “Guardian of the Altamaha River” called on local authorities to make an official assessment to determine the extent of damage from the accident.

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