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Scientists have named a new frog species after Led Zeppelin

Scientists at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, in collaboration with the National Institute of Biodiversity, announced the discovery of a new species of frogs, reports the publication El Universo.

A new species found in the eastern part of the Andes was named Pristimantis ledzeppelin, or “Led Zeppelin rain frog” — in honor of the eponymous British rock band, writes the publication.

It is noted that the researchers “ wanted to honor the memory of the group that formed in 1968 and had a huge impact on later rock, giving such a name to the new frog they discovered.”

According to the INABIO researchers, the ground frogs of the genus Pristimantis are an extremely diverse group of vertebrates, with 569 known species.

Scientists warn that Pristimantis ledzeppelin is at risk of becoming an endangered species as the biodiversity of its habitat is threatened by agriculture, logging, mining, and a climate emergency.

Earlier, scientists said that frogs in the course of evolution grew teeth more than 20 times.

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