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The world is “ripe” for pandemics: a super “universal” vaccine against any coronavirus is needed

Our planet is “ripe” for new epidemics and pandemics; accordingly, humanity should think about developing a new “universal” super vaccine, with which the peoples of the world could effectively and easily defeat any strain and any type of coronavirus and other infections.

Now the number of vaccinated people continues to grow and it seems that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is near. But almost all experts are convinced that it is far from over, the Daily Mail writes.

Now scientists are already thinking of creating a drug, one shot of which would provide protection from all variants of COVID-19, as well as from all available infections in the universe.

This is the opinion expressed today by experts in the field of virology. Journalists actively support such endeavors and are deeply convinced that new pandemics and epidemics may await mankind in the future, which means that a new universal weapon against all types of coronavirus and other pathogenic genomes is needed.

Nowadays, due to the openness of the world and the availability of rapid means of transport, any disease can spread confidently around the world in a matter of weeks or even days. Therefore, now more than ever, all people on the planet simply need such a universal shot, which will solve all problems of the population of the Earth.

Scientists believe that creating such a cure is a major challenge since even the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 has not yet been fully tested and only helps for a short time. Based on the research that has already been done on the coronavirus, the scientific community can use the experience.

In this way, we can get a drug that will hit the target directly and destroy viruses in a small amount of time. It is not yet known when and how such a drug will be created. Nevertheless, specialists are already thinking about such a solution, and this is already the first step toward saving humanity from future infectious threats.

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