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The Chinese began to massively operate on the ears for the sake of the appearance of the elf

Plastic surgery to change the shape of the ears has become a new trend among Chinese patients in 2021. This is reported by Vice.

We are talking about a surgical intervention, with which doctors correct the ears and give them a pointed shape, thereby imitating the appearance of an elf. According to patients, this shape of the ears visually stretches the face. The publication also notes that in China, protruding ears are a symbol of good luck.

According to the publication, the fashion for elf ears among the Chinese was introduced by local celebrities. Experts say that the popularity of this procedure continues to grow. For example, on the Weibo platform (similar to TikTok), videos under the hashtag elf ears plastic surgery (“plastic for elf ears”) have gained more than 700 million views.

Yu Wenle, a doctor at the Gaoshang Medical Clinic in Guangzhou, said that he performs about six such operations every day. Most often, the shape of the ears is changed by the introduction of hyaluronic acid, while some doctors implant part of the cartilage or artificial implants in the ears.

Entrepreneur Song Yao (Song Yao) revealed to journalists the cost of cosmetic intervention. According to the 20-year-old businesswoman, in total, she spent about $1,500 to purchase the desired shape of the ears.

In December 2020, a man spent about $100,000 on plastic surgery for the sake of elf ears. Publicist Luis Pedro admitted that in order to achieve the desired appearance, he turned to doctors, who made him rhinoplasty, face and neck correction, and eyelid lift. In addition, the man changed the color of his eyes six times, as well as the shape of his ears, to achieve the appearance of an elf.

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