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Wuhan authorities will test its entire population for coronavirus

To avoid a new round of the pandemic amid the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus, the authorities of large cities in China are conducting mass testing of the population.

After detecting several cases of coronavirus infection in the city, the Wuhan authorities intend to test for COVID-19 its entire population of more than 12 million people. This was announced on Tuesday, August 3, by the deputy secretary-general of the city administration, Li Tao.

“We are starting emergency testing for coronavirus of all residents, we plan to complete it as soon as possible and we will act as quickly as possible,” he announced, speaking to reporters.

A day earlier, on August 2, the Wuhan authorities reported seven cases of coronavirus infection in workers who came from other regions of China. Over the past year, no cases of infection have been reported in the city, which was effectively cut off from the outside world for 76 days after the outbreak of the pandemic due to strict quarantine measures.

Tough measures to tackle the pandemic in China

Currently, Beijing is trying to prevent a new round of the pandemic in the country associated with the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus. In a number of cities, mass testing of the population is carried out, and everyone who has come into contact with the infected is placed under strict quarantine. Tourists are now banned from entering the Chinese capital.

In the city of Yangzhou in eastern China, after 40 cases of infection, the authorities issued an order according to which 1.3 million residents of the center were banned from leaving their homes. Each family is allowed to send only one person to the city per day to make the necessary purchases.

Thanks to tough measures to combat coronavirus in 2020, Beijing was able to relatively quickly stop its further spread within the country. However, now the threat of a new stage of the pandemic looms over China: more than 400 cases of infection have been identified in the country since mid-July.

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