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South Korean Intelligence Reveals Kim Jong-Un's Health Data

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has no serious health problems, according to South Korean intelligence. This was reported by the Yonhap agency with reference to the deputies of the South Korean parliament.

Earlier, the DPRK Central Television showed footage of Kim Jong-un's speech at a seminar for commanders and party officials of the Korean People's Army. The tape showed that the North Korean leader had a plaster on the back of his head. In this regard, the media spread assumptions about the deteriorating health of the politician.

South Korean intelligence chief Park Chi Won has denied rumors of Kim Jong-un's illness. He disclosed information that the plaster was removed after a few days, and in its place, the politician did not have any scars. “Judging by the easy gait and the footage in which he bows deeply in greeting, there are no signs of any health problems,” the head of the intelligence service said.

In early June, Kim Jong-un's dramatic weight loss triggered rumors of his illness. The decrease in the weight of the country's leader was even officially mentioned by the state media of the DPRK. At the same time, some experts have suggested that a politician's transition to a healthier lifestyle may be behind the sudden weight loss.

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