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Britain is worried about Russian submarines in the Atlantic

The military in Great Britain expressed alarm over unusually deep submarines of the Russian Borey project performing “sinister tasks” in the Atlantic Ocean. The Sun newspaper wrote about it on August 1.

The newspaper notes that the alarming fact is that usually Russian submarines do not dive deeper than 400 meters, but this time they sank to a depth of more than 500 meters. According to expert Bruce Jones, this is by no means the first time in recent months that Moscow's actions have been “alarming.

In addition, according to the Daily Mirror, military experts in Britain suggest that the submarines may carry the new hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles on board.

“The reason for these dive missions to extreme depths eludes most analysts. But perhaps the desire to gain stealthy access to the Atlantic is behind it,” one of the publication's sources noted.

On July 9, the British Navy announced that the warship Queen Elizabeth was allegedly under surveillance by a Russian submarine during its passage to the Mediterranean Sea. Daily Telegraph sources claimed at the time that the Varshavyanka-class Russian diesel-electric submarine, which allegedly monitored the aircraft carrier's maneuvers, probably belonged to the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet.

At the same time, in March, readers of Express mocked an article that talked about a British Navy ship tracking a Russian submarine in the English Channel. Some users pointed out that the British Navy would not even be able to stop fishermen who steal fish.

In turn, British servicemen actively monitored the Varshavyanka-class submarine Krasnodar, which was heading toward St. Petersburg, back in the summer of 2020. At that time, it was noted that the foreign military had lost the submarine and was not informed of its location.

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