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There is a possibility of a new variant of the coronavirus that can kill one in three

British experts who are part of the Scientific Advisory Group on Emergency Situations (SAGE) claim that the emergence of a new variant of COVID, capable of killing one in three infected people, represents a “real opportunity”.

The documents published by SAGE say that in the future, the same deadly strain of COVID may appear as the Middle East respiratory syndrome(MERS), which has a mortality rate of 35 percent, reports by The Daily Mail.

According to the Evening Standard, scientists said that to combat new variants of the vaccine, repeated vaccination should be introduced in the winter and that the UK should consider culling animals, including minks and even cats, which can become infected with the virus, in order to limit the spread of the mutant strain.

A group of experts that advises the British government on the response to the pandemic has recognized that vaccines should work.

Experts also say that the coronavirus can cause a “much less severe disease” in the elderly and those who are clinically vulnerable in the long term, Sky News reports. SAGE considered a scenario in which the coronavirus becomes similar to the one “that causes a cold, but with a much less severe disease, mainly in the elderly or clinically vulnerable.”

The paper, written by experts from the Scientific Advisory Group on Emergency Situations (SAGE), examines the “long-term evolution of SARS-CoV-2,” the virus that causes COVID-19. The report says that the eradication of the virus is “unlikely”, and scientists “ state with great confidence that there will always be variants of it.”

The researchers considered a scenario in which a new variant of the coronavirus causes severe illness in a larger part of the population than it happened before, with similar mortality rates from other coronaviruses SARS (10%) or MERS (35%).

Experts said that this could be caused by a ”recombination“ between two options of concern or under investigation, for example, between the options” Beta “and” Alpha “or” Delta”.

The scientists warned that additional mortality is expected “even in the face of vaccination since vaccines do not provide absolute sterilizing immunity.”

According to scientists, the prospect of a more deadly variant of the coronavirus is a “real possibility” and will have a huge impact on the further increase in the number of deaths from COVID in the UK.

Dr. Philippa Whitford, deputy chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus, told Mail Online: “This report, which should have caused a shock in the UK government, was instead quietly slipped away among a host of reports during the parliamentary recess. The recommendations and comments made by SAGE demonstrate a simple reality — we have not yet “defeated” this virus.

This week, the UK has transferred only its first doses of the vaccine internationally, and unless there is a rapid increase in global production through the exchange of knowledge and technology, it will simply be impossible to vaccinate the world and put an end to the pandemic. Without stricter border controls, we risk importing vaccine-resistant variants, while uncontrolled distribution here could lead to another variant in the UK.”

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