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Biden called the journalist a “headache” after the question of vaccination

US President Joe Biden called NBC reporter Kelly O'Donnell a “headache” after her request to comment on the mandatory vaccination of the medical staff of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Fox News reports.

The US leader, sitting at a meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq, smiled at the journalist's question and said:

“You are such a “headache”, but I will answer your question Even though it has nothing to do with Iraq. But indeed, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will require that doctors working in their institutions are vaccinated.”

O'Donnell replied that she was not offended by the president's reaction, and even took his words as a compliment. This is not the first time Biden has reacted emotionally to journalist's questions. At a press conference in Geneva on June 16, the American president rudely responded to a CNN correspondent.

Caitlan Collins asked Joe Biden about Vladimir Putin and Alexey Navalny. To which the US president said that the journalist was “ doing the wrong thing.”

Earlier, Biden had to explain to reporters what he meant about the Facebook platform “killing people”. The American president explained that it was not the service that was to blame, but the people who spread false information about vaccination.

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