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Biden was predicted to resign due to mental health problems

The mental health of US President Joe Biden is getting worse every day, as evidenced by his recent TV appearances, he will soon be forced to leave the post due to" limited cognitive abilities, " according to congressman and former White House doctor Ronnie Jackson.

As The Hill explains, Jackson participated in the Fox News program, which discussed the recent interview of the American leader. The host of the program, Sean Hannity, criticized Biden's answers to questions, calling them “completely incomprehensible”, and suggested that the president's mental health is deteriorating.

“Donald Trump has passed a cognitive ability test. He answered all 30 questions correctly. I heard that this is a very difficult test. I don't think Joe Biden would have been able to pass it. Can such an assessment be considered fair, taking into account what I observe?” Hannity asked Jackson.

“That's right, Sean, and I've been saying it from the beginning. I'm saying there's something going on here. I said this when Joe Biden was still a candidate, and I said that it would only get worse. And you know what? We are watching this happen right now before our eyes, " Jackson replied.

“Something serious is happening with this person (Biden) right now, and you know, I think that he will either resign himself, or he will be persuaded to resign in the near future due to medical problems, or they will have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this person right now,” Jackson later added.

In addition, the congressman posted a video of Biden's speech on Twitter.

“He's completely out of his mind! It is necessary to check his cognitive functions now! “ — wrote Jackson.

In June, Jackson, who was a doctor in the White House under Trump and Obama, distributed a letter calling on Biden to take a cognitive test to prove that he has sufficient mental acuity to fulfill the duties of the president. His proposal was supported by a number of Republicans.

In May, White House officials said that Biden would undergo a medical examination “later this year.” They promised that they would publish the results immediately after that.

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Hahaha. Hannity hears it's a hard test. Hahaha identifying an Elephant and drawing a cube and clock... real tuff stuff Bruh. Watching Fox rots your mind. The US education system failed the Right.