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The U.S. may introduce mandatory vaccination

The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden believes that mandatory vaccination can become one of the measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by CNN with reference to a source in the Ministry of Health of the country.

According to him, the government is working on a plan for the revaccination of vulnerable groups of the population — they need to be provided with a third dose of the vaccine. It was for this purpose that several hundred million additional doses of vaccines were purchased from Pfizer.

The Biden administration is considering the possibility of obliging some groups of the population to be vaccinated. A source in the Ministry of Health of the country noted that one of the problems in reducing the incidence rate is the indecision of the American administration to take tough measures.

The US may tighten the wearing of masks and gloves. The introduction of new requirements may reduce the rating of Biden, who in the spring announced the easing of the mask regime.

On July 5, Biden announced that the United States is closer than ever to declaring independence from coronavirus infection. According to him, for a complete victory over COVID-19, Americans must continue to fight the pandemic.

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