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“Delta” strain has become a political threat to Biden

The rapid increase in the number of cases of coronavirus caused by the “delta” strain over the past month has seriously drawn the attention of the American authorities to the pandemic. As a result of the deterioration of the situation, COVID-19 may be re-included in the agenda of US President Joe Biden, The Washington Post reports.

The White House administration, according to media reports, hoped to move away from the agenda with the coronavirus infection, focusing on other items.

In the White House, top officials are increasingly worried about the level of morbidity. The low level of vaccination in a number of states is also a cause for concern.

According to sources in the Biden administration, the president's team was ready for a surge in morbidity. Nevertheless, officials did not allow that the infection would be so large-scale.

Officials are now studying models that predict from several thousand new cases of COVID-19 to more than 200 thousand each day in the fall.

Political consultant Cornell Belcher drew attention to the fact that if hundreds of thousands of Americans are ill, this situation is problematic for any head of state.

The US White House sought to pin the blame on someone else, and Biden accused social media platforms of “killing people” by allowing misinformation to spread on their platforms.

Top officials assure that Biden is not going to stop his efforts to vaccinate and fight the pandemic.

Earlier it was reported that Biden's approval rating among Americans reached a record low.

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