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The death rate from COVID-19 in the world has increased by almost a third in a week

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world over the past seven days has increased by 3.7 million against 3.5 million a week earlier. The incidence on the planet began to grow again in early July.

At the same time, the mortality rate is also growing — almost 70 thousand people died of COVID-19 this week, immediately 30% more than in the previous one.

From the US to Iran

The rate of infection is growing in various parts of the world. In the United States, since the beginning of the month, the number of detected cases of infection has more than tripled, exceeding 60 thousand per day. For the country, a new rise in the incidence rate may already be the fourth.

In Indonesia and Malaysia, the epidemic has reached a peak — now about 45 thousand and 12 thousand cases are registered there daily, respectively. At the same time, the situation is getting worse in another part of Asia: in Iran, 25 thousand cases are confirmed per day (for the country this is the maximum for a pandemic), and in Turkey — almost 10 thousand, about twice as many as a weeks ago.

A new wave in Europe

In Europe, especially in the West, another wave of the epidemic has begun. In Italy, the number of confirmed cases has almost doubled in a week, to 5.5 thousand per day, and the authorities are introducing new restrictions: from the beginning of August, residents of the republic will be able to visit cafes, gyms, museums, as well as cultural and sports events (including outdoor ones) only with a “covid passport”. It can be received by those who have been vaccinated, who has been ill, or who have received a negative test, which is valid for several days.

Similar measures are already in effect in France, where the number of cases detected per day has tripled since last week. On Thursday, it became known about more than 21 thousand infected people, which was the maximum since the beginning of May.

Among European countries, the highest incidence is now in the UK — this week more than 50 thousand infected people were detected twice in the kingdom per day, and in just seven days the number of infected people increased by about 320 thousand.

In other countries, the rate of infection is also growing, although not so rapidly: for example, in Germany, 45% more cases were detected this week than last week, and in Spain by 20%.

The increase in mortality

Mortality from coronavirus infection is growing rapidly, primarily in Asian countries. Indonesia came out on top in the world (about 1.3 thousand deaths per day). In Iran and Malaysia, about 0.2 thousand deaths are registered, but in one case this is one and a half times higher than last week, and in the other, it is the maximum for the entire pandemic.

In most Latin American countries that have experienced another wave in the spring and early summer, mortality is decreasing. So, in Brazil, about 1.1 thousand sick people are now dying per day, this is at least since February.

The main exception is Mexico, where almost 0.4 thousand deaths per day are already recorded.

In European countries, despite the sharp rise in morbidity in recent years, mortality remains at a low level.

At the same time, the number of cases in the world is growing faster than the number of deaths. As a result, the mortality rate of a new infection is reduced — now it is at the level of 2.15%.

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