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An amateur astronomer has discovered a satellite of Jupiter for the first time

Astronomer Kai Li became the first amateur astronomer in history to discover a previously unknown satellite of Jupiter. He submitted an application for his discovery to the catalog of minor planets on June 30.

Lee's discovery was a by-product of the search for early photographs of three recently discovered Jupiter moons in the archives of observations of the CFHT Canadian-French telescope located in Hawaii, taken in 2003. Previously, with the help of this telescope, 23 new satellites of Jupiter were discovered by professional astronomers. Lee suggested that there might be pictures of unknown moons of the planet in the archive and continued his search.

Lee began to study the images of Jupiter taken in February 2003, when Jupiter was in opposition and its moons were well illuminated by the Sun.

During the analysis of the images, a new satellite, EJc0061, was found, which fell on the images for February 25 and 27, which also appeared on the images of the Subaru telescope for February 5 and 6. This data was enough to understand the elements of the satellite's orbit and detect them in later images up to 2018. Currently, Jupiter has 79 officially recognized satellites, the open body will be the eightieth on this list. It belongs to the so-called group of Karma-retrograde satellites of Jupiter, which move in the opposite direction to the rotation of the planet.

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