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The US will create an international tracking system for Russia

The Pentagon plans to build three intelligence bases in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia to explore space and “detect attempts by Russia or China to attack vital satellites.” This is reported by Sky News.

The representative of the US Space Forces, Jack Walker, explained that the concept is to create three radar bases around the world. One of them will be located in Scotland or in the south of England. The other two will be located in Texas and Australia.

“This is necessary because we want to ensure continuous monitoring of objects that may threaten our systems in geostationary orbit,” Walker said.

According to him, these may be alien satellites or rocket debris. The Americans intend to use radar technology that can identify an object the size of a football at a distance of up to 36 thousand kilometers. It is planned that the first base will be put into operation by 2025.

The US and British militaries claim that Russia and China are allegedly developing systems that pose a danger to their satellites. Among the new weapons are ground-based laser installations for hitting space targets and some satellites capable of attacking other objects.

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