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The New York prosecutor's office is seeking testimony against Trump from his ex-bodyguard

The New York prosecutor's office is seeking testimony against former US President Donald Trump from the ex-bodyguard of the head of state, CNN reports.

It is reported that testimony is being sought from Matthew Calamari, who for many years worked as the politician's personal bodyguard and is currently part of the politician's inner circle. He currently holds the position of chief operating officer of the Trump Organization, which is owned by Trump.

According to the channel, the investigators “put pressure on Calamari in order to force him to cooperate.” An investigation is underway against him.

The lawyer of Calamari, in turn, said that his client is not related to the financial side of the work of the Trump Organization and cannot help the investigation.

Earlier, the New York prosecutor's office accused the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg of violating tax laws.

According to the agency, the company artificially inflated the value of assets in order to get new loans. The case was opened after former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen openly stated that the Trump Organization often resorted to such practices.

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