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Merkel revealed the reaction of the EU to Russia's violation of its obligations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told what the reaction of the European Union will be if Russia violates its obligations on gas transit through Ukraine.

According to her, Germany has many tools, but they are essentially not on the German side, but on the European side, which can be applied.

At the same time, Merkel said that she is not going to resort to speculation but only wants to tell what opportunities the EU has for a reaction.

“We are in a dialogue with our European friends, but this will be regulated at a crucial moment, I hope that it will not come to that,” she stressed.

According to the chancellor, the Nord Stream-2 should be an addition to the gas transit through Ukraine, and not cancel. She added that a different development of events will cause tension. She noted that Berlin and Washington are negotiating on this issue, they assess the project differently, but they agree on the role of Kyiv in gas supplies.

Good friends

After the meeting with US President Joe Biden, Merkel stressed that the positions of Berlin and Washington differ. At the same time, the American leader stressed that “ good friends can disagree.”

Together with the Chancellor, he asked the governments of the two countries to study practical measures that we could take together, and whether Ukraine's energy security and security will be strengthened or weakened based on Russian actions.

Commenting on the question of the refusal to impose sanctions on the gas pipeline, Biden stressed that at the time of his inauguration as US president, they did not make sense, since the gas pipeline was almost completed, but it made sense to discuss with Merkel how to prevent the pipeline from being used as an instrument of alleged “blackmail” by Russia.

The progress of the construction of the Nord Stream 2

The Ministry of Economy of Germany reported that all permits for the construction of the gas pipeline have been issued. The German authorities also stressed that the position of Germany on the project remains unchanged.

According to the head of Nord Stream 2 AG, Matthias Warnig, the completion of work at the facility is scheduled for the end of August 2021.

98 percent of the entire gas pipeline was completed

Warnig also expressed confidence that gas transit through Ukraine will remain one of the ways of gas supplies to Europe after 2024.

Initially, the launch of the Nord Stream 2 was scheduled for the end of 2019, but due to US sanctions, it had to be postponed several times. In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the completion of the second branch of the pipeline would take place in one and a half to two months.

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